Hezhou Spring Festival congratulatory gifts delivered to officers and soldiers of the South China Sea Army

“I wish the PLA uncles a happy Spring Festival, you worked hard!”In the middle of January, 2022, from guangxi zhuang autonomous region, hezhou primary schools more of a batch of letters of consolation, greeting CARDS, handmade painting and calligraphy association of hezhou delivered some calligraphy works of hezhou supports work leading group office staff, after a few days with sympathy gift bag send these works to a force in hainan province, send a full New Year blessing for coastal defense officer.Colorful cards are full of blessings.In order to show respect and care for border and coastal defense officers and soldiers, the Office of the National Leading Group for Double Support issued a notice to carry out the condolence activity for border and coastal defense officers and soldiers, and promoted the Special sympathy activity for Border and coastal defense officers and soldiers during the Spring Festival.The office of hezhou Double support Work Leading Group held a working meeting in time and made arrangements for the activity, requiring relevant departments to take this activity as an important measure to create a new round of national double support model city.Hezhou party and government officials, teachers and students, schools and rural communities immediately took action.They wrote letters of condolence, painted handmade pictures and made New Year cards to express their respect for the soldiers and send them holiday greetings.Brush strokes, describe the feelings of admiration.”The Great Wall on the sea, the tiger in the water” “honest heart haoqi swallow the sea, top gun yunbaoheshan”……Ink full studio, ink send vision.The calligraphy works of hezhou calligraphy lovers are full of affection, and all of them are entrusted with deep admiration and praise.Hezhou city construction road primary school fourth grade student Li Xinyi when making greeting cards, draw the border and coastal defense soldiers in her heart, greeting cards in the two stationed in the border and coastal defense soldiers stand upright, depicting the “China” two words particularly eye-catching.”I think PLA soldiers are brave,” she said. “I want to study hard and serve my country when I grow up.”Red gift box filled with hoju flavor.Greetings from Hezhou city have been sent to Hainan before the Spring Festival.According to statistics, hezhou city sent 300 holiday gift packages, made 300 greeting cards, wrote 150 letters of sympathy to the officers and soldiers of border and coastal defense, painted 50 hand-made paintings, made 50 New Year cards and more than 20 calligraphy works, enriching the holiday life of the officers and soldiers of border and coastal defense and conveying the warmth and care of the Party and the government.

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