Hainan Liuluo Village: 37 years of “village night” inheritance of local culture drama

Haikou, Xinhua News Agency, February 1Title: Hainan Liuluo Village: 37 years of “Village night” inheritance of local customs and civilization drama “Shuttling in the gum forest, listening to the sweat telling.Midnight mosquito to dance, together into a happy song.That drops of milky white, carrying too many dreams…”Accompanied by a cheerful pop music style, Deng Sang his new song “Knife Man”, which he wrote and composed, on the stage of “Village Night”.In the 37 years since his first stage performance at the age of 5, Deng Chongying has appeared every year in liuluo village’s “Village evening” program, presenting original shows for local villagers.Liuluo village is a natural village under Heqing Town, Danzhou City, Hainan Province, with a permanent population of more than 400 people. The villagers mainly make a living by growing rubber.Walking into the village, the tall and dense rubber forest covers the winding and flat village road. Suddenly, I see the flat land, the houses are like good farmland, and the spacious cultural square in the center of the village and the tall village stage highlight “cultural taste”.An ordinary small village persisted in holding “village evening” for 37 years, and became a famous “cultural town” of ten miles and eight villages.There is no gorgeous stage, gorgeous lighting, no big stars and professional actors, the villagers self-directed and self-performed, spontaneously organized rehearsals.”Inspired by the first Spring Festival gala broadcast by TV in 1983, ‘Village Evening’ has become the most anticipated spiritual civilization drama every year for all villagers.”Deng Chongying introduction.”It wasn’t easy to find a TV in those days.Before the Spring Festival in 1986, people in the village decided that it would be better if they performed by themselves.Deng Guoqing, 76, recalled that 37 years ago, the first “village evening” in Liuluo village was held in front of his house on the lime ground of the millet “grand” — stretching several wire, hanging colored paper, balloons, a cassette tape recorder, lighting several torches.”Simple stage, amateur performance, but let the village happy for a night.”Deng said with a laugh.As the “cultural person” with the most “literary and artistic cells” in the village, Deng Chongying was proficient in writing songs and singing, photographing and video editing, arranging skits, debugging sound equipment and stage lighting. He was praised by the villagers as the “six Luo wit” and naturally became the “general director” of the party.Huang Yueshuang, a villager, is the most cooperative performer with the “general director”.Huang yueshuang, 55, has more than a dozen members of her family on stage, and “everyone has a show and everyone has talent.”This year, the whole family performed five performances, including folk song duet “My Hometown is Heaven”, chorus “Never forget the Original Aspiration”, Liuluo Youth Fashion Show “, children’s song and dance “Kung Hei Fat Choi” and dancing.Wan Shouqiang, secretary of the Party branch of the administrative village where Liuluo is located, said that liuluo’s selection as the 2022 National “Village night” demonstration site is a tribute to the villagers’ 37 years of perseverance in pursuing local culture.From the lime fields to thatched huts to the current village stage, the stage changes are inheriting the drama of rural revitalization.”Village night” in Liuluo Village has become a cultural symbol for villagers to remember their homesickness and carry forward the civilized local style, good family style and simple folk style.(Reporter Yan Yujing)

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