Fujian and Taiwan township construction and innovation to help rural revitalization

Fuzhou, Feb. 5 (Xinhua News Agency)Xiaoliyang Village, Gantang Township, Pingnan County, Fujian Province, is a provincial traditional ancient village and the birthplace of Gan Guobao, a general of Shutai in qing Dynasty.When you enter Xiaoliyang Village, you can see mountains and clear water around the village. In the exhibition hall of Gan Guobao’s former residence in the village, pictures, words and old objects of ancient taste and color quietly tell the story of Gan Guobao’s life.Last year, the creative planning team of Shangqu Kaixin from Taiwan signed a contract for the Min-Taiwan Township Construction and innovation cooperation project here.Zhang Xinyi, head of the team, said that the team has completed the overall design layout of small liyang Village, gan Guobao’s former residence exhibition hall interior design scheme, is promoting medicinal food restaurant, Baicao Garden, Gan Guobao theme product positioning and image packaging design and other work.Since coming to Fujian for more than 6 years, Zhang xinyi has led a team to provide planning, design and cultural creative products for more than 30 villages in Fujian.”I hope to extract the characteristics of local villages with the help of Taiwan rural construction method, create a personalized rural life, and make ancient villages more vivid.”She said.Find a local, build a home.Like Zhang xinyi, many young entrepreneurs from Taiwan have traveled across the Straits to tell the diverse stories of fujian’s rural areas.Rows of stone houses stand out in Beigang village on Pingtan Island in Fujian Province.Lin Zhiyuan, a young entrepreneur from Taiwan, first came to Beigang Village in 2015.Lin Zhiyuan took the lead in renting 8 stone houses in the village to create a “stone will sing” art settlement.As the fame grew, tourists flocked to the village, and many migrant workers saw the promise of wealth and returned to their hometown.Now, led by Lin Zhiyuan, more than 30 Young People from Taiwan are living here.In recent years, Taking the opportunity of deepening exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, Fujian has encouraged young architects and cultural and creative teams from Taiwan to contribute to rural revitalization in Fujian.Statistics show that up to now, Fujian has introduced 95 Taiwanese architects and cultural and creative teams, and more than 300 Taiwanese rural construction and creative talents, providing planning and design, industrial cultural and creative services for 228 villages in Fujian.Taiwan architect Xie Fuyang has participated in many rural construction projects in Ningde, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou and other places in Fujian province.”Rural construction and innovation is not only about hardware construction and transformation, but also about villagers’ actions.”Xie fuyang said, to let the struggle outside the village to see the prospect of change in their hometown, to arouse more identity, so that more returnees to join the ranks of the construction of their hometown.According to Wang Defu, director of Rural Construction Department of Fujian Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-rural Development, the Taiwan team went deep into fujian’s rural areas and put down roots. From planning, design and building beautiful villages to creativity, marketing and promoting industrial development, it injected new vitality into local rural revitalization.

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