Anqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government held the first phase of “Ecafe” entrepreneur salon

On the evening of February 10th, anqing Municipal Party Committee and municipal Government held the first phase of “Ecafe” entrepreneur salon.Zhang Xiangan, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Zhang Junyi, Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, sat down with 8 entrepreneurs to listen to their suggestions, talk about their demands, and talk about development and projects with them.City leaders hua Jiahong, Xu Xiong, Wang Zhaochun participated in the activity.Automobile industry is one of the leading industries in Our city, and has initially formed an automobile industry system with vehicle manufacturing as the lead, auto parts as the basis and support, and auto service industry as the supplement.The first “E-Cafe” Entrepreneur Salon,Tongcheng countries hin chairman jiang ping, Ann Huang Leming, ring, chairman of the new spring machinery group deputy general manager liu copper celebration, huitong auto parts, chairman xu should be right, midea welling, deputy general manager of auto parts Lu Yaoqiang johnnie, jianghuai auto anqing branch deputy general manager and doppler automotive technology ZanJianJiu chairman and vibration should be general manager Meng Tao a total of eight entrepreneurs attended and delivered speeches.”The project has made rapid progress since it was established and we are planning additional investment.””Good environment, service in place, back home investment back to the right.””We are working with the government to attract strategic suppliers and prepare to put down roots in Anqing.”…The head of “new Enterprise” speaks confidently of development;”Obviously, the efficiency of services has been improved, and the business environment is getting better day by day.””The government supports, strengthened our listing determination confidence!”…The person in charge of the “old enterprise” believes that the service has been optimized, but there is still room for improvement;”The government should introduce attractive policies and work with enterprises to attract and retain talent.””Once the automobile Industry Association is established, it will play a role.” “I hope the policies will be implemented in a timely manner.””In the investment promotion of the automobile industry, we should make precise chain repair”…When it comes to the future, entrepreneurs offer questions, suggestions and hopes.Everyone said that they would seize the opportunity of anqing automobile industry development, constantly improve technology and competitiveness, speed up the pace of listing, and make enterprise contributions for Anqing to build anhui automobile industry “third pole”.Zhang Xiang ‘an listened carefully to every question and every appeal raised by everyone, and responded to those who could be answered on the spot. For those who could not be answered on the spot, he sorted out the requirements one by one, assigned the list, and closed loop management to ensure that everything would be answered and everything would be settled.Zhang Xiangan pointed out that since this month, hold a monthly period “appropriate cafe” entrepreneurs salon, municipal party committee and municipal government to carry out the entire province to improve the work style is for the people “as the enterprise optimal environment meeting demands of service enterprise spirit and” three thus “specific measures, is the city” in the build platform, outreach person of hometown “of an institutional arrangement,The purpose is to meet with entrepreneurs face to face, heart-to-heart, solid, understand what enterprises want, hope and need, help enterprises solve difficulties and problems, build a new platform for government-enterprise communication, promote enterprise growth, industrial development, anqing revitalization.Zhang xiang ‘an stressed that, as one of the leading industries in Anqing, the development of automobile industry has a foundation, advantages and potential.In the past year, we paid close attention to attracting investment in the industrial chain. A number of major projects were implemented at a faster pace, and the development of automobile industry clusters showed remarkable momentum.In the next two years, we will continue to focus on attracting investment from major projects, continue to improve the industrial chain and optimize the business environment, and strive to achieve the total output value of the automobile industry exceeding 100 billion yuan, with five enterprises valued at over 10 billion yuan and more than five listed companies, and promote the quality and strength of the automobile industry to greatly improve.It is hoped that the majority of entrepreneurs will have firm confidence and determination, actively integrate into the development trend of Anqing, concentrate on innovation and creation, run the enterprise well, and jointly create a better tomorrow for Anqing auto industry.All localities and government departments should improve their work style, optimize the service environment, and take the business of enterprises as their own business. They should serve them where they are most critical, urgent and urgent, and at the time when they are most important. They should listen to, provide services and provide support as their top priority, so as to help enterprises grow bigger, better and stronger with a first-class business environment.All media reporter Jiang Yue Jiang Lulu/article Xu Huohuo/photo

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