Ah shuai made a Chinese knot into a hanging rope in a craft class and stole the old gardener’s shears. It was so naughty

As an underachiever, Ah Shuai had no interest in school, but he would perk up when it came to his craft class, when he could play with his name on it.At this time big face younger sister is also teaching how to make up the Chinese knot, and a failure tinkering for a long time did not understand how to get, is very mad!Soon, next to the big face younger sister in accordance with the teacher to teach the method, soon completed, and a failure, he in learning than big face younger sister, even manual also did not big face younger sister do well, this is not, he made a demon, directly took out their Own Chinese knot, like hanging with the rope ring, leng is stunned the class!Subsequently, big face younger sister and disdain of say to a decline, this section handicraft class teacher wants everybody to take scissors, did you take?At this time ah decline brain power, thought forgot to take!What a disaster!After a decline hurriedly sneaky slipped out from the classroom, he decided to go out to think of a way!I was looking for a pair of scissors when my eyes suddenly lit up.Then quickly ran back to the classroom, then the teacher came to the podium and asked everyone, this section of the craft class we learn to make cardboard planes!Did you all bring scissors?Raise the scissors, everybody, and I’ll give a shit to anyone who doesn’t have one!At this point, the students have raised the hands of scissors, this scene looked really scary.And at this time, the teacher instantly saw the failure and did not raise the scissors, he said, why did you not lift the failure?Don’t you have it?A decline at this time awkward scratching head say, sure to take it out?Then I saw a decline directly took out a super big scissors.Everyone was shocked!After the teacher saw also expressed very speechless.At the same time, the campus gardener is crazy, he is looking for his own shears to cut the trees.For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing

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