After winning the title early, Su broke down in tears and collapsed into the arms of her coach sobbing, defeating the referee

This afternoon, the Beijing Olympics man snowboarding big platform game in shougang big platform, Chinese netizens are also very concerned about the game, so the regret of the Su Yi won a silver medal, is also will have stormed to his first Olympic gold medal, and today he is also very good, was up 89.50 points in the first round was ranked no. 2,In the second round, he scored 93.00 points, and after two rounds, he was no. 1!According to the rules of the game, the last round of the competition order, is determined according to the first 2 rounds of the sum of the results of the competition, Su Yi singing is the last one, the other player is also a challenge to his position, unfortunately, did not succeed, as Norway’s, Mr Welland the last jump over, everyone’s worth no more than Su Yi, he jumped even not 3,Has already locked up this Winter Olympics gold medal in advance!From excellent to regret to get the second, to the lock the champions ahead of time, for the three genius 18 talented players, this week is a really tough, but he insisted on down, and complete the well, the day is also created the history of the Olympics in China, and Su Yi wong is also become China’s Olympics the youngest champion.When he saw the result, he burst into tears. It has been a difficult journey for the 17-year-old.Su Yi wong is also directly fell into the arms of the coach yelled, many in the audience saw him on the court to complete one of difficult moves, but behind the pay, only he and his coach know, Su Yi wong is also completely let go, for the moment, and his Japanese manager is also excited tears, this pair of teacher and pupil is really not easy too much.In fact, before the last jump, if Su yiming’s score was exceeded, he was ready to complete the more difficult 1980 routine to ensure his gold medal, but unexpectedly happiness came so suddenly, today’s competition he also defeated himself, defeated the judges!However, Yiming Su still insisted on the last jump, but he only completed a simple movement and finally accepted the gold medal. He was very excited after the competition. We also look forward to seeing More of Yiming Su on the podium in the future competitions!For more highlights, follow the sports show

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