49+21+11, two helpers!Demar Derozan scored 40 points and 7 points to lift the Bulls to second place in the Eastern Conference

The Bulls, buoyed by a three-game winning streak, take on the spurs, who are in a two-game winning streak, at home.The Bulls, lavine is out because of injury, and this game bulls can defend home, against the old owner derozan’s play, obviously become the key to this game.On the other hand, The Spurs, Dezhangtai Murray is hot, this service popovich is also platoon platoon, ready to lead the team beat opponents, in the away sword finger 3 straight wins!But after four quarters, the home Bulls dominated the spurs in the first half thanks to demar Derozan, Vucevic and Kobe White.Despite coming back in the second half, Murray and Lonnie Walker got hot in the third quarter, leading the Spurs on a 15-8 comeback run that turned the game around.But derozan, Vucevic and Kobe White hit another 3-pointer in the final quarter, and the Bulls took advantage of the momentum to run away with the game.The bulls rallied to beat the Spurs 120-109 at home, winning their fourth straight game and handing the spurs an 11-point rout.Playing at home, the Bulls continued their winning streak with a team performance of four players in double figures to complete the turnaround.And in dotham + Green and other main forces, each of their duties under the situation, the team ace derozan, as well as together cut down 49+21+11 of the two helpers Vucevic + Kobe White’s play, is particularly critical!Derozan was no slouch against the lakers, scoring a game-high 40 points on 16-of-24 shooting and adding three rebounds and seven assists in 32 minutes.His 19-point performance in the final quarter not only helped the Bulls turn the game around, but almost single-handedly influenced the game.In addition, as the bulls on the high point, this game vucevic’s play, the same contribution.This service Vucevic lived up to expectations, the entire 24 shot 12, handed over 25 points +16 rebounds +5 assists +1 block of the double double performance, in both ends of the attack and defense can be said to have won the Poertel, dominating the inside!Of course, the Bulls were able to turn the tables on the Spurs, with kobe White playing a crucial role.Kobe White was on fire for 24 points, five rebounds and six assists in 33 minutes, hitting six of 11 shots from the field.He scored 11 points in the first quarter, helping the Bulls to open the game, but also became a difficult problem for the Spurs.More importantly, the bulls improved their regular season record to 37-21 with their fourth straight win over the SAN Antonio spurs.It’s still no. 2 in the Eastern Conference, but rationally, considering it’s only half a game behind the Heat and the bulls’ momentum.The bulls have a very good chance of reclaiming the top spot in the Eastern Conference.The Spurs, on the other hand, were unable to withstand the pressure in the last quarter and were eventually turned around to suffer an 11-point rout.After all, with Lonnie Walker’s 21+5+2+1 overall performance, Keldon Johnson and Vassell’s 6-for-22 shooting was a bit disappointing.And for coach gregg Popovich, considering the team’s current standings, and the western Conference undercurrent of the playoff situation, the Spurs will undoubtedly face a huge challenge and test.

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