Important!This year Henan will strengthen supervision of housing provident fund

Henan, February 3 (CNW.COM) recently, Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the notice on Strengthening the Supervision of housing Provident Fund in 2022, which arranged and deployed the supervision of the province’s housing provident fund in 2022 from nine aspects, to further strengthen the deposit, use and management of housing provident fund.Promote the high-quality development of provincial housing provident fund.1. Promote the reform of the housing provident fund system and promote the healthy development of housing consumption.In accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the provincial party committee and government, we will advance the reform of the housing accumulation fund system, optimize the policies on the deposit and use of the housing accumulation fund, and promote the healthy development of housing consumption.Improve the deposit, use, management and operation mechanism.We will increase support for rental housing withdrawals, and support workers in saving loans to buy their first homes for ordinary self-use.Residents in old residential areas in cities and towns will be supported to withdraw their housing provident funds for elevator installation and housing renovation.2. Expand the benefit coverage of the housing provident fund system, and continue to promote the expansion of contributions.Continue to implement the provincial government’s “Several Opinions on Further Expanding the benefit scope of the Housing accumulation fund System” (Yuzheng Office (2016) No. 223), and further expand the benefit scope of the housing accumulation fund system.We will steadily promote the participation of people with flexible employment in the housing provident fund system.Vigorously strengthen the publicity of the housing accumulation fund system, and strive to form a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for, support and actively participate in the establishment of the housing accumulation fund system.Iii. Further deepen the reform of “delegating power, delegating power, regulating and providing services” and gradually improve the service capacity of housing provident fund.We will deepen reform to delegate power, improve regulation and services, improve the business environment, further enhance our ability to provide integrated government services, and promote standardization, standardization, and facilitation of government services.We will continue to improve the quality and efficiency of government service evaluation, and give people a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness, and security.Continue to improve the quality of data, focus on “inter-provincial access” and high-frequency services, make full use of data sharing and other means, and fully implement business standards such as collection, extraction and loan.Further implement henan province’s requirements for “inter-provincial administrative services”, consolidate the achievements of “Henan Provincial Administrative services”, and include more matters with high frequency of handling, strong demand for handling in different places, and strong sense of acquisition by the masses into the list of “unified acceptance and Henan Provincial administrative services”, so as to make it convenient for enterprises and the masses to “run in the nearest place”.Iv. Improve the application of housing provident fund supervision service platform and promote the stable operation of housing provident fund mini-program.First, we will promote the application of the housing provident fund supervision service platform. The buffer period for risk rectification will be set by the end of March 2022. During the buffer period, local governments should standardize relevant policies and measures, adjust their business systems, and ensure that all risk clues screened out are sorted out.After the buffer period for rectification, the mode of combining regular screening with flexible screening shall be adopted, and the screening shall be initiated on the regulatory service platform at the end of each quarter or irregularly, so as to keep abreast of risk clues and rectification progress.On the basis of self-rectification, our office will carry out spot checks on the clearing of risk clues, and supervise the rectification in quarterly notices or on-site supervision for the low frequency of operation, slow risk rectification, high frequency of risk clue classification errors and repeated risk problems of the platforms.Second, continue to promote the orderly use and stable operation of small procedures for housing provident fund, further pay attention to business handling, business connection, service response and other work, and realize the common operation of housing provident fund business for employees who pay in.Fifth, disclose the annual report of housing provident fund, guarantee the right to know and the right to supervise.According to the requirements of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Finance and the People’s Bank of China, the management centers of housing provident fund under the jurisdiction of the provincial government shall disclose the annual report of housing provident fund in a timely, comprehensive and accurate manner, so as to guarantee and strengthen the employees’ right to know and right to supervise.Unified disclosure of the inclusion of county (city) and industrial housing provident fund management agencies under the direct control of the province into the municipalities directly under their jurisdiction.Vi. Strengthen risk control of housing provident fund and strengthen supervision over overdue personal housing loans.Strengthen supervision over overdue personal loans of housing provident fund, and supervise and handle centers with high overdue rate of individual loans by reminding, notifying, issuing supervision letters, on-site supervision and research or interview, so as to ensure that the overdue rate of individual loans of housing provident fund in the province gradually decreases.Make full use of the electronic inspection tools of housing provident fund, find out the high risk points, find out the bottom number of risks and hidden dangers, and establish a risk investigation ledger.Establish a sound long-term risk prevention and control mechanism to effectively prevent and control loan risks.Vii. Strengthen the management of housing accumulation fund industry and continue to promote the “four unification” of housing accumulation fund management institutions.In accordance with requirements of the audit questions rectification, to carry out the rectification main body responsibility, to speed up the improvement process, increase the intensity of rectification, a number of forward linkage, strengthen communication and coordination, straighten out management system, according to the principle of unified management, unified, centralized decision-making, unified accounting system, active, stable, in order to accelerate the industry practice the “four unity” housing provident fund management institutions.Viii. Strengthen the construction of housing accumulation fund system and further standardize the management of housing accumulation fund.We will improve the internal control management system, establish and improve the housing accumulation fund management system, standardize the payment, use, management and service of the housing accumulation fund, and promote the standardized management and efficient operation of the housing accumulation fund.We will address the weak links in the management and services of the housing provident fund, strengthen institutional weaknesses, plug institutional loopholes, and truly promote standardization through rectification and improvement through improvement.Ix. Strengthen the work style construction of housing provident fund industry and gradually improve the service level for the people.We will adhere to a people-centered development philosophy, take satisfaction from the people as an important yardstick for judging our work, and work hard to improve their sense of fulfillment, happiness and security.We will continue to be problem-oriented, make every effort to solve the difficulties and pains that hinder the reform and development of the housing provident fund program, and use our hearts and minds to solve the specific problems that many people face when they are in urgent need.To improve the level of the establishment of spiritual civilization in the industry, to create civilized industries, civilized units, youth civilization number as the starting point, further improve the level of the establishment of spiritual civilization, in the whole industry to build a batch of scientific management, service standard civilization demonstration window, optimize the service environment, improve the overall service level of the industry.Editor: Li Tianhui

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