How did Yao cope?Asian Cup grouping meets enemy again, zhou Qi, Guo Ailun whether erupt?

Beijing (Reuters) – The draw for the 2022 Asian Cup has been completed, with 16 teams drawn into four groups, including China, South Korea and Chinese Taipei.Everyone is welcome to comment your opinion, let’s discuss together.Speaking of the Asian Cup inevitably reminds people of the men’s Basketball World Cup held at home. The men’s basketball team also got a good signing at home. We thought that the men’s basketball team could play a wonderful performance and get the ticket to the Olympic Games.It is amazing that the men’s basketball team lost the match due to some stupid mistakes after a good start.I believe many fans still remember zhou Qi’s late serve error, and Guo Ailun’s poor performance in the last World Cup, many fans made fun of Guo’s one point.Now it has been four years or so, Zhou Qi and Guo Allen have become more mature and excellent, I believe that will be better than before.As we all know, since Yao Ming became the president of basketball, he has carried out drastic reforms in basketball, such as dividing the men’s basketball team into two teams to increase the competitive spirit of the players. Unfortunately, the men’s basketball team has not been effective. It is no exaggeration to say that Yao Ming has lost face.Fortunately, the women’s basketball girls are more competitive, no matter in the Olympic Games, Asian Cup, and the recent world preliminary matches, their performances have been very impressive.The 2022 Asian Cup will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 12-24. How should Yao Handle it?Have to say for Yao Ming is really a headache, is the so-called clever housewife without rice, in contrast to today’s men’s basketball players, with Yi Jianlian old, who can carry the flag of men’s basketball?This week march is considered to be men’s basketball team’s successor, but many fans think Kevin’s personality and strength doesn’t carry the banner of men’s basketball team, pg in CBA played well, but came to international competition play it easily, it is also hard to carry the team forward, will see Ding Yanyu navigation because of injury and some problems, and it has peak is not.American forward Zhang Zhenlin’s physical quality is good, many fans are optimistic about his future, but now is still young, can stand the test in the international competition, is still a problem.There are no players like Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian, Wang Zhizhi and Zhu Fangyu in The Chinese men’s basketball team. Some players are afraid of making mistakes in international basketball competitions. The reason is that they lack confidence and their talents are limited.Now when we meet the South Korean team again, can The Chinese men’s basketball team repeat the classic moment seven years ago? I believe many old fans remember the 2015 Asian Cup, when they were down by 20 points against South Korea in the group stage, the men’s basketball team staged a stunning comeback and finally won.At that time, many fans excitedly sang “Ode to the Motherland”. Now seven years later, it is really worth waiting for the men’s basketball team to surprise us.

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