Good brother late at night, home delivery

Lanzhou Evening News on February 2 is the second day of the lunar New Year, Mr. Zhang from other places to LAN went out by taxi in Xigu district, carelessly lost the cash red envelope containing 2000 yuan in A gan 89578 taxi.Feng Xinqing, the taxi driver, searched for it many times and finally returned the lost red envelope to the owner.At about 8 PM on February 2, Zhang accidentally lost a red envelope containing 2,000 yuan in his taxi when he got off near the Xinchenguang residential area.He immediately contacted Feng Xinqing, the taxi driver of GAN A·89578, through wechat payment voucher, and asked for help in looking for it.After receiving the information, Feng xinqing mistakenly thought that the red envelope lost by the owner was a red handbag.He did a careful search, but he couldn’t find it in the car.He replied to Mr. Zhang and continued the operation.At 11:30 PM, Feng Xinqing, who had returned home to rest, once again received a phone call from the owner, Mr. Zhang.Mr Zhang told him in detail that he lost is a red gift bag with cash, Master Feng hurried back to the taxi again to look for the lost, and finally found the lost red cash gift bag in the crack on the right side of the passenger seat.Master Feng immediately called to inform the owner, and immediately went out to take a taxi, came to the agreed location.With the lost cash, Mr. Zhang excitedly thanked, and took out 200 yuan reward, feng declined politely.Mr. Zhang’s friend saw this scene, forced to sit in the taxi feng teacher dropped 100 yuan, the two left in a hurry.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Sun Jianrong correspondent Wei Qingzhu

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