“Eat chicken” medal of Honor, easy to get 200, and limited skin return

This is approaching the Chinese New Year, the major game activities are also one layer after another, some in the entertainment of players, but also some serious consideration for players, such as eating chicken and peace elite is the best example.I don’t know if you still remember when we didn’t ask shark and Night jade to come back with skin?And they are not the only one, on the 25th of the time without and evening jade for the second time with limited skin encore, the effect is surprisingly good.Do you think buying limited skin is only 25 that night?No, although the on-site work has ended, the Peace Shop will continue to open and wait for everyone to visit until 1 o ‘clock in the evening of 27th, which is enough time for everyone to choose their favorite items.Simply tell us some of the more classic, high expectations of the skin, the more typical of the fairy tale forest, Panda, Star Trek, star Trek, night arms, these skin you most like who?Personally, I like the fairy tale forest.In addition to the skin encore, there are a lot of good things you can get your hands on, such as the most useful medal of Honor, which requires a bit of luck to hit the skin, but is still practical.20 MEDALS of Honor only need 9.9 yuan to get, which is equal to saying that is less than half, and then 200 bags of MEDALS of Honor only 88 on the line, this price is really very high, this is really conscience.There are a lot of things, but there is a problem that needs to be noticed, that is, the shop only lasts until 10 PM on January 27th. If you miss the village, the shop will be gone. Pick up your mobile phone, and you can find something you like in the floating ball in the lower right corner of huya’s live chat interface.Of all these things, which one attracts you the most?Welcome to comment.

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