Ding Dong buy vegetables: The Lantern Festival dumplings are hot, with five million flowers expected to be sold

Chen Shu, shenzhen Business Daily reporter, millions of lights Lantern Festival, a bowl of rice balls auspicious qi.The Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month is coming, and tangyuan has its annual “highlight” moment.This year’s Lantern Festival falls next to the Western Valentine’s Day, so flowers and tangyuan have been among the most popular items on major supermarkets and retail platforms.According to ding Dong Maicai data, since February 10, the purchase volume of all kinds of glutinous rice balls has been rising day by day, with a month-on-month growth of more than 15%, and is expected to peak on February 14-15.In terms of the choice of tangyuan flavor, black sesame tangyuan firmly occupies the first position in the tangyuan field with the highest sales volume, but the distribution of taste preference of “salty in the south and sweet in the north” is still obvious.Statistics show that more than 90 percent of xiankou tangyuan buyers are from southern China, mainly from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou.Although consumers in the north only love sweet tastes, they like to try niche tastes, such as tangyuan filled with chocolate, durian and five kernel, which sell well in the north.The renovation of various traditional delicacies has gradually affected the tangyuan circle.This year, in addition to the chocolate paste, fresh taste, ding-dong buy food prepared food brand ace food also launched a special hoisted persimmon persimmon persimmon “ruyi” fuping big tangyuan, use selected fuping condole persimmon with high quality New Zealand powder filling, retained the quicksand of classic taste, and incorporates the sweet persimmon, than traditional tangyuan is more fresh and not greasy.Along with tangyuan, there are also flowers.Recently, the flower column of “Romantic Valentine’s Day” on ding Dong Shopping APP has been online, and the category is mainly rose gift bouquets.Take the most popular red rose as an example, there are 1 to 99 and other styles of red rose bouquet, the price range from 88 yuan to 899 yuan, there are imported flowers, eternal flowers, all kinds of roses, tulips and so on for users to choose, and daily flowers to buy immediately send different, gift flowers purchase mode is mainly pre-sale.In addition, silver willow, Australian wintersweet, phalaenopsis and other lunar New Year’s eve flowers are also in hot sales, the whole flowers in the sale of SKU close to hundreds.Yu Shui, director of Ding Dong Maicai Flower Project, said that due to the influence of low temperature during the Spring Festival this year, the flowering time of many flower producing areas has been delayed, coupled with some rain and snow and other harsh weather, resulting in a serious shortage of flower material supply for valentine’s Day this year.In addition, on the demand side, due to the epidemic factors last year, February 14 last year was the third day of the New Year, part of the demand for Valentine’s Day flowers in the past two years may be delayed to release this year, making this year’s supply and demand more tense.Based on current bookings, flower sales for Valentine’s Day in Ding Dong are expected to be more than 10 times that of last year.According to the sales forecast of this year’s Valentine’s Day, Ding Dong Mai CAI has cooperated with the head base of the main flower producing areas in Yunnan in order to lock 5 million flowers in advance during the Valentine’s Day and set a quantitative price to avoid the problem of stock shortage and “sky-high price”.Read: Yu Fanghua

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