A netizen came across five members of Sun Haiyang’s family, who looked like “lovers” side by side and Sun Hui looked like an outsider

No matter where they go, they can meet enthusiastic fans. Some people will take photos of them and post them on the Internet to share with other fans, while others choose to watch silently and do not disturb the sweet life of the family of five.During the Spring Festival, Sun Haiyang and his family of five were in Hubei province. After the Spring Festival, he took his family to Wuhan to play, and also took Zhuo Ma to check his health.When Sun Haiyang was out shopping with his family, he was met by a netizen. The netizen was so excited that she took a photo and shared it with everyone in front of the screen.Sun Yue in a light blue coat, still carrying a leopard print backpack, and Sun Zhuo in a gradually changing cotton-padded jacket, walking side by side, do not know that they are a “little couple”, rather than 14 years lost brother and sister!Sun Hui was the family’s “favorite”, but after Sun Zhuo’s return, he was no longer popular. This time, he was more like an “outsider” in Wuhan.My brother and sister walked side by side in front, regardless of where my younger brother Sun hui was. Hui walked behind with his pocket, just like an outsider.Unwilling to be a little follower of elder brother and elder sister, Sun Hui deliberately detour in front of the two people, quickly came to the father Sun Haiyang behind, let elder sister and elder brother follow behind him, don’t say hui elder brother is really a clever ghost!Because Sun Zhuo was abducted for 14 years, Zhuo mother in order to give sun jia an account, only with Sun Haiyang gave birth to the second son Sun Hui, from when he was just born to become a baby knot in the home, go to where someone takes care of, go to school must also be picked up by someone.All these wonderful things have been broken by the arrival of Sun Zhuo. Now the whole family is focusing on Sun Zhuo. I wish I could give all the love of the past 14 years to Him.Hui ge is a very generous child. He is not angry after half of his parents’ love is taken away, but happy because of his brother’s arrival!When Sun Zhuo returned to his family, he had a younger brother who was very attached to him and a sister who took care of him wherever he went.Wherever she ate, Sun Yue would sit next to Sun Zhuo and take care of her younger brother, who had been kidnapped for 14 years.It also happens that they are so close that you don’t even realize that they have been apart for 14 years. Maybe this is the kinship that blood is thicker than water and will not be weakened by time and distance.Look at the three children fight, the relationship gets along so well, Sun Haiyang couple also becomes particularly happy, at present their biggest task is to take care of the home, to the children to create better learning conditions, give enough help in life, this is also a disguised ground to make up for the children’s debt!Few abducted children get along so well with their families in such a short time after returning home. Sun Zhuo is a special case, and Sun Haiyang and his wife are even more special people.We can’t expect all the families looking for relatives to meet such educated children as Sun Zhuo, but we hope that we can not give up the hope of looking for children, we must stick to the end to win!

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