Visit Diecai Mountain, overlooking the beautiful Lijiang River and the whole city of Guilin

Diecai Mountain is well known in Guilin and has beautiful scenery. It stands at the foot of the famous Fubo Mountain and Duxiu Peak and is close to the mouth of lijiang River.Across the stacked color mountain, mountain stripes densely, bright colors, as colorful silk, wrapped the whole mountain, beautiful scenery.In addition, there are many famous cliff stone carvings on the mountain, so it can be seen that here is also a place frequented by ancient scholars. We can feel the rich historical atmosphere of Diecai Mountain walking on the footprints of the ancients.Visitors to Diecai Mountain can walk along the stone steps road after entering the gate of the scenic spot. The vegetation on both sides of the road is lush, and the bamboo is leisurely and green. The scenery is very beautiful.After that, I went up the strip-shaped stone steps, along the way I saw rivers and streams whisht, springs ding dong, lush vegetation was so beautiful.Because the mountain is not high, at once to the folded brocade hill wind hole, the hole in the upper part and lateral has many moya carved stone, carved on the walls inside there are all sorts of characters, the biggest bright spot is big or small space, the most spacious place can accommodate hundreds of people, most the most narrow place can only by one to two people at the same time.After passing through the wind hole, you can soon climb to the top of the Moon peak of Diecai Mountain. A stone tablet with red characters on a black background stands out in front of you. The inscription reads “Climb Diecai Mountain and live to 130”, which has profound meaning.Visit Diecai Mountain at this time, you are located in the highest peak of Guilin Mountain, here you can overlook the beautiful Lijiang River and guilin city scenery, as the line of sight shift, the eyes gradually into the best, beautiful scenery in a glance, conveniently shot out are large.At the end of the tour, you can also choose a time-saving slide down the mountain, straight to the bottom of the mountain.Need to remind is, in another hill of Diecai Mountain, must not miss there the most beautiful sunset xianhe Cave, east side of the mountain, the mountains, west side of the city, buildings, a hole brings together two completely different scenery.It is said that if the weather is clear, every evening can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunset, and the photo is very out of the film, you can take the cave as the background, continuous mountains and the sunset as the main tone, as a foil, as the protagonist, take a very beautiful large area, to enjoy the beauty of the unique perspective here.Visit Diecai Mountain if time is enough, you can also visit Diecai Mountain and Fubo Mountain together.Fubo mountain tall and straight, half attached to the land, half attached to the lijiang river, after a swift river was fubo mountain block, at the foot of the mountain, forming a huge cyclotron, no matter how urgent the river water, how much of a wave, as long as through the swing, will become very quiet, so fubo mountain hence the name, so if you are interested in, can to witness the spectacle.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to drunk Beauty China tour visit ten mile gallery, castle Peak far dai, beautiful scenery, refreshing

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