The return peak has arrived!Huaian traffic police issued the latest reminder!

The lunar New Year holiday coming to an end in jiangsu province highway will have travel peak he @ rover huaian warned this morning Due to the high-speed traffic flow is bigger, according to the control requirements, the province area is expected to zhuhai this afternoon the main highway toll could be closed temporarily, travel demand of citizens, please choose to travel tomorrow morning.According to the analysis and prediction of the relevant departments of the return of road traffic flow in jiangsu province during the Spring Festival highest date to traffic on February 6, is expected to reach 287-2.99 million since February 4th afternoon, gossip chau bridge, the jiangyin bridge, sutong bridge, and G2 yangzhou huaian section of the beijing-shanghai high-speed, wuxi, suzhou, the G15 Shen Hai taicang section, high-speed G1515 salt jing high-speed taizhou section,G1522 changtai high speed Suzhou south section, G36 Ningbo high speed Nanjing section and other key sections have different degrees of car slow-walking phenomenon.During the return journey of the Spring Festival Travel rush, some expressway service areas are prone to traffic congestion. The traffic police department reminds the car to fill up the fuel and charge the car before long-distance self-drive, and try to avoid refuelling and charging in the expressway service area during peak hours.When driving on the expressway, stop in the service area with relatively small flow and rest in advance to avoid clustering in popular service areas. If the traffic congestion in the service area leads to queuing of vehicles, do not wait in the main channel of the expressway to prevent rear-end accidents.During the Spring Festival, the high-speed traffic police department and relevant departments in the whole road network set up 40 accident quick treatment compensation service points, users during the return of minor accidents, remember to pull over, people evacuated, namely the alarm, together to the accident quick point for quick compensation.In addition, users can also make quick online compensation through the “Jiaoguan 12123” APP and the “Jiangsu Expressway 96777” wechat official account.At the same time, 105 police stations in the province’s expressway service areas will continue to strengthen the investigation and crackdown on illegal and criminal acts involving cars and roads, and people can report to police stations for help in time when they encounter difficulties.According to the weather forecast, the weather will be fine in the whole province today. From February 6th, the whole province will have another round of rain and snow. Most parts of the province will also have frozen.Suhuai Salt, Ningsuxu, Ningjing salt, West section of Even Xu, Ninglian, Ningchangzhen Li, Ninghang, Ningtong, Taizhou Bridge, Runyang Bridge, Beijing-Shanghai expressway, eastern expressway, round yue, Nanjing four Bridges, Yangtze River three Bridges, Huning, Xiyi, etc.;Due to the heavy snowfall in parts of the central and western regions south of the Huaihe River, there will be snow, please prepare for salt and snow clearing in time.The general public friends as far as possible to choose to return in advance, not only can the wrong peak travel, but also can avoid rain, snow and freezing weather.If there is rain, snow and ice on the way to travel, keep in mind the control distance, speed down and bright tail on the highway, keep safe distance and speed, and strictly prevent Bridges, culverts and other easy to freeze sections.Return peak encountered rain and snow weather xiaobian remind you must pay attention to driving safety oh source: Jiangsu Traffic police Le Hang Huai ‘an Jiangsu Meteorological HuaianNotice on further strengthening epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival (No. 2 of 2022) point by point

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