The kind masses picked up the handbag police found the owner in time

“Hello!Is that Ms. Chang?I am huizi street police station, just a kind-hearted masses picked up a handbag, there is your relevant certificate, please come to the police station to claim.”On the evening of February 13, Pu ‘er City Public Security Bureau Simao Branch Huizi Street police station on duty police call Ms. Chang said.At 22:10 on the same day, a member of the public hurried into the duty room of Huizi Street police Station and said that he found a handbag near the elephant sculpture roundabout of Tea City Avenue in Simao District. Now he has brought it to you.Police took the handbag, on the spot inventory, which contains resident identity cards, driving license and other items.In order to let the handbag early back to the hands of the owner, not to let the owner worry, the police did not dare to neglect, according to the document information in the bag, found Ms. Chang’s phone number and contact, informed that the handbag was kind people picked up, has been handed back to zi Street police station, please come to claim as soon as possible.Can the lost handbag be found?Chang recalled that the bag should have been lost on her way home. She immediately retraced her steps to look for it, but could not find it either.”There was no cash in the bag, but there were various documents.If all these things were lost, there would be serious trouble.”Thinking of these, Ms. Chang hurried around.In her handbag for the loss of anxiety extremely, received back to catalpa street police station duty room call, said that the bag was picked up by a good Samaritan, please claim, hear the good news from the sky, its spirit for a boost.Small action is full of true feelings, unexpected warmth, always bring people the most simple moved.At 23:00 that night, Ms. Chang came to the dahuizi Street police station duty room, police verified the identity information, the handbag returned to her.It is understood that in the evening, Ms Chang rode a shared electric bike to pick up a friend by the elephant sculpture roundabout. After receiving her friend and returning, she found her handbag hanging on the head of the car was missing.”It’s hard to express this kind of feeling,” chang told the police. “Good people will be rewarded. Society also needs such positive energy.”Returning money may be a trivial thing in many people’s eyes, but it is these small things that make people feel the value of virtue, and it is precisely because of these small things that make our society warmer.

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