The first shot is fired!Ukraine has broken a ceasefire and shelled settlements in Donbas after Russian troops withdrew

After months of tension in Ukraine, the world breathed a sigh of relief on February 15th when Russian troops pulled back from the border at the end of exercises and America’s predictions of war were dashed.But on the morning of February 17, Ukrainian forces suddenly launched an offensive in the Donbas region, shelling local settlements and tearing up the ceasefire agreement.According to Russian media reports, The Ukrainian army launched five attacks on the Donbas region on the morning of The 17th, even using mortars banned by the Minsk agreement. The local armed forces also returned fire, causing casualties are not clear at present.To ease tensions in the Donbass region, Ukraine signed the Minsk Agreement with all parties several years ago. It is widely believed by the international community that Ukraine should hold peace talks with the Donbass armed forces on the basis of the Minsk Agreement.This is because the Donbas region has been devastated by war, leaving huge scars of war. There must be no more war. Peace and stability in the Donbas region must be restored.But with Ukraine firing the first shot, international efforts have been in vain.And the United Nations has passed a truce resolution for the Winter Olympics, calling on all sides to try to resolve the conflict through peaceful means during the Games.Tensions that could have been defused flared up again, even as Russia made concessions and pressure eased in eastern Ukraine, but zelensky’s government opted for war.The United States seems unwilling to let the crisis rest. Even if Russia is about to leave the stage, it still wants to bring it back.This time Ukraine fired on its own initiative, at odd timing.Since February 15th, Russian troops have been withdrawn from the area of confrontation.With Russia’s departure, the danger of direct fighting between the two sides is much reduced.Ukraine, for all its bluster, would have done itself well to avoid a war that would have turned Ukraine into a battleground for the fate of Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.For the EU, avoiding a conflict would be an especially good thing.The war crisis was originally created by the United States to bring the whole Eu down.If the crisis could be resolved peacefully, the EU would not have to be torn between its own interests and American camaraderie.What Europe needs to do most at the moment is to control the epidemic and restore economic development, rather than follow the lead of the United States.More important, the EU does not need to be the scapegoat for America, which has not bothered to send in ground troops.In other words, the temporary abatement of the Ukrainian crisis is good news for Russia, Ukraine and the EU.But as planned, it became clear who was behind Ukraine’s sudden firing after Russia’s withdrawal.If the Ukraine crisis is resolved peacefully, there will be only one loser: the United States.Starting from the second half of last year, in the case of nothing happened, the media, U.S. intelligence agencies, heavily suddenly Russia will be launched against Ukraine “aggression”, although confused about the eu and Russia, Ukraine with a grain of salt, but the United States and the evacuation, it is removed from the embassy, and issued a travel warning.The US has created a tension that has finally drawn in the EU, Russia and Ukraine without using any of its own troops.The Ukraine crisis is good for America as long as it lasts.This crisis can intimidate the EU and Ukraine, tying them to their chariots and cooperating with their global efforts.At the same time, the crisis can drain Russia’s power and create an opportunity to destroy its decades-old adversary at a stroke by inducing internal change through various means of maximum pressure.In fact, Russia is well aware of such American psychology.Therefore, when Russia withdrew its troops on February 15, it released a video of its withdrawal on the Internet to tell the world that it had really withdrawn.Russia is all too familiar with the United States as a petty expert in planting dirt.There have been no further developments and there has been no dramatic reaction from Russia to the firing.I hope the crisis hyped up by the US will end as soon as possible. The US is in such a mess at home that it dare not even release its epidemic data. People around the world have no time to watch his performance, and no one wants to start a war foolishly against the backdrop of the epidemic.

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