Huaibei Daily full-page special report lieshan District court in the past five years work highlights

On January 27, Huaibei Daily reported the highlights of lieshan District Court’s work in the past five years in a full-page special report titled “Take mission as volume and Answer with original intention — Review of Lieshan District Court’s work highlights in the past five years”.Sun and moon open new dollar, emerged new chapter.Look back over the past five years, in the fierce mountain district party committee’s leadership, the fierce mountain National People’s Congress and its standing committee, the supervision of the superior court, strong under the support of the government, the strong Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) in the mountainous area, the fierce mountain to the people’s court to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as a guide, a comprehensive study and implement the party’s 19, 19 all previous session spirit and xi thought of rule of law, faithfully perform the statutory duties,To serve the social and economic development, strengthen the judicial response to the epidemic prevention and control, and constantly make new breakthroughs in trial execution and modern litigation service system. The comprehensive evaluation of trial quality and case settlement rate continue to rank first among the courts in The city, and the target assessment of the whole district is excellent for successive years.Topped four session of anhui provincial civilized unit, two session of “the provincial court outstanding litigation service center”, two terms “advanced unit of provincial court judicial news propaganda”, has won the “national judicial police brigade advanced collective”, “provincial” May 4th “red flag the youth corps cell” and so on more than 10 items at or above the provincial level, related work by the Supreme People’s Court zhou qiang dean will be fully recognized during the visit.In the past five years, district courts have given top priority to law enforcement and handling cases, and made every effort to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people and social security and stability. A total of 19,610 cases of various types were heard and 19,179 cases were concluded, with a settlement rate of 97.8 percent.Focusing on the economic and social situation, efficiently serving the overall situation of development combined with the new goals and tasks of the district’s economic and social development, concentrating on improving the awareness of serving the overall situation, providing legal protection for the development of all types of market subjects, the satisfaction of the sense of security of the masses ranked first in the city’s grassroots political and legal organs for two consecutive years.We will work hard to solve enforcement problems, effectively realize the rights and interests of the people, continue to fight the “Jianghuai Storm” implementation battle, deepen the work achievements of “basically solving difficulties in implementation”, and strive to “effectively solve difficulties in implementation”.A total of 6,517 cases were accepted and executed, and 6,388 cases were concluded, with the target amount of 790 million yuan. The relevant work was recognized by Dong Kaijun, president of The Provincial High People’s Court, and 3 police officers were awarded provincial commendations.Effectively improve the service level, the realization of litigation for the convenience for the people tries to build up a “court” wisdom, pushing forward the construction of the two “one-stop” justice for the people results by learning power platform feature three times, “modern litigation service system” review monthly last grass-roots court in the city, was named “the province’s diversified dispute settlement mechanism reform advanced court”.Strengthen judicial reform and innovation, improve the level of trial management In-depth implementation of the requirements of judicial reform, improve the judicial responsibility system and judicial power restriction and supervision system, trial management advanced experience has been repeatedly reported by huaibei TV station, Huaibei Daily and other media, was rated as “the province’s advanced collective court trial management work”.Strengthen the ability construction of the business, our political quality team innovation team construction, strengthen the cadre training, personal policemen won national honor more than 5 m, municipal honor 40 m, our college has won the “provincial court seminar organization work advanced unit” title, was named “the judicial police three years development planning work in demonstration court”.We must uphold the Party’s overall leadership, voluntarily accept oversight to strengthen theoretical forces, and ensure the correct political orientation. We must uphold the Party’s leadership, actively accept oversight by people’s Congresses, CPPCC committees, and all sectors of society, and ensure that power is exercised correctly and breakthroughs are made in our work.Correspondent/Shi Xiaomeng

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