Foreigners enjoy the Chinese New Year in Hainan

According to Hainan Daily client | reporter Qiu Jianghua intern Pei Hong “hang up the red lantern, I hope the New Year is booming!”On January 31, New Year’s Eve, Velesha from Malaysia invited several friends to her home.Together, they decorated the room with red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets, then prepared a table of local and Chinese dishes to welcome the Year of the Tiger.At the dinner table, the most conspicuous dish was Munchang chicken.Wei told Hainan Daily that she has been in Haikou for three years and is running a small western restaurant.”I love food, especially Wenchang chicken!”Malaysia also has a Tradition of Chinese New Year, when families get together to eat, chat and set off fireworks to soak up the spirit of the New Year, Velesha said.So after coming to Hainan, although she was in a foreign land, she did not feel strange at all.”During the Spring Festival in Hainan, people will watch qiongju opera and eat vegetarian dishes in clay POTS, which opens my eyes. The atmosphere of the Spring Festival is really strong!”Also enjoying wenchang chicken is Wang Mingqing, a graduate student majoring in business administration at Hainan University from Nigeria, who is spending her sixth Spring Festival in Hainan this year.”Every Spring Festival, what I look forward to most is Chinese food.”Wang mingqing said with a smile, in order to feel the lively atmosphere of traditional Chinese festivals, she and her friends will go to Haikou Qialou street for a walk, buy New Year’s goods, and enjoy the lanterns.”Spending the Spring Festival in Hainan is a special experience that allows me to understand more about Chinese culture and Hainan folk customs.”Kingsford, from Ghana, knows how to do as the Romans do.A few days ago, he and his friends attended the New Year party in Haikou International Talent Home. They learned how to make dumplings and write the Chinese character “fu” together, and felt the strong Taste of The Chinese New Year.Russian girl Jiayi also attended the New Year party held in Haikou International Talent Home. She is now a project manager at Hainan Vocational And Technical College of Economy and Trade. She has been in Hainan for nearly 10 years.”In Russia, we also have dumplings, but the shape is not the same as in China, with pork or beef filling and onion, salt and black pepper.”Jiayi said her favorite Chinese dumplings are meat with leek and egg with leek.Talking about how to spend the Spring Festival holiday, Wei Lisha said bluntly, “plan to rest a few days first, then continue to open business.”Hainan tourism consumption is hot, every festival, is the busiest time for Velisa restaurant.”But will receive a lot of guests’ wishes, we say happy New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi, happy.”Chinese New Year is full of human touch, “busy, but happy,” she said.Kingsford said in particular that he has fallen in love with Hainan since he came to Hainan Normal University in 2017. Now he has registered Hainan Kingsford International Trade Co., Ltd. in Fuxing City, Haikou, and plans to put down roots in Hainan.”I like hainan’s unique natural environment and am optimistic about the development prospects of hainan’s free trade port.”Kingsford said, “IN the New Year, I wish the Hainan Free Trade Port better and better development, ‘tiger tiger alive’!”Duty Director: Chu Yu Duty Director: Shi Yajie Content review: Chen Yongqi Responsible editor: Fu Jie

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