A blockbuster, Su Yiming: From child star to China’s youngest Winter Olympics champion

Speaking of the gold medal of the men’s big jump in snowboarding at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, he must be no stranger to everyone. He is “Su Yiming”, a star rising star.Everyone is familiar with the national snowboarding big platform and slope surface barrier skills championship man great diving platform diving champion the snowboarding obstacles and slope skills championship man slope skills American champion ski World Cup and amber, stand veneer platform champion Beijing Olympics snowboarding man slope obstacles skill finals runner-up Beijing Olympics snowboarding man but he big platform titleAnother identity – actor “Su Yi wong” child stars, actors – Su Yi Su Yi singing from the age of four began to contact skiing also because of excellent talents in selected by the director tsui hark at the age of 10 in the first film in life “the siege” appeared as a resourceful “little embolus” also opens the way for performing arts so far,Experience is very rich in China, Li Qin, xiao wang zen starred in TV series “Wolf highness” plays “six,” starring Zhang Jiayi TV series on the sunny days “plays” keven guangjie li “, starring Richard c.haskelli TV series “beautiful snow” plays “water” Ann AnHu, Xu Jie son, Su Yi starring film “the kid rock” played in the film “baby”….At the same time, as a child star, he is also the designated spokesperson and image ambassador of many brands, such as Buick Ambassador of ice and snow, Brand Ambassador of Shulike GOSKI APP spokesperson, KFC ambassador of ice and snow, Vitality forest Vitality New Youth, Clear Clear Brand Ambassador, etc. As long as I have a dream, I will work towards this dream, this goal,Efforts to pay all of his Olympic champion, actors Su Yi sound believe everybody Lantern Festival to see in the CCTV broadcast of the “yuanxiao will rejoice, let’s champion Su Yi singing in front of the camera to express freely, without astringent feeling, its basic reason lies in Su Yi singing as a child is a child, his acting experience, let him have the mature performance, more superior than their peers, dazzling.From child star to the focus of the Winter Olympic Games, Su yiming constantly challenged the limits of life, but he also in different “runway”, feel the joy of success!We also expect him to bring more surprises to the audience on the field and bring more excellent works on the screen.Yesterday was su Yiming’s 18th birthday. Hangzhou Star Art Culture wishes him a happy birthday!Amazing!The future is possible!Training and participation in performing arts announcements at an early age will broaden children’s horizon, broaden their knowledge, and make them behave appropriately and generously like Yiming Su!Everyone doesn’t have to be a star, but give your child an empowering second life!If you also want to let children have their own stage, if you also want to let children harvest surprise and eyes, do not hesitate, the opportunity is here, Hangzhou Star Art Culture is waiting for you!

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