1977 Fuzhou military commander vacancy, who can replace PI Dingjun?Deng Xiaoping personally named the deputy Director-General

In 1976, China was experiencing a period of upheaval.In this year, three great men who made important contributions to the new China, MAO Zedong, Zhou Enlai and Zhu De, successively left the world they have been struggling for forever because of illness.The whole nation experienced three great sorrows during the year, and many people fainted in their pain.In this year, another general died unexpectedly, making our national defense security faced a new problem, he was PI Dingjun.PI Dingjun, then commander-in-chief of the Fuzhou Military Region, prepared to take a military plane to the training base the day after Zhu de’s death to command the exercise.But because of the plane accident, make PI Dingjun unfortunate sacrifice.Chairman MAO is also very sad after that, he strongly support the body of the surrounding staff said: “for me to comrade PI Dingjun send a wreath.”The death of PI Dingjun has made many people very sad, but there is a very difficult problem ahead.Under the previous regulations, a new commander must be appointed immediately after the death of a regional commander.After all, the army can not be without a day, what’s more, the Fuzhou military area is next to Chiang Kai-shek’s besieged Taiwan, the importance of the military area is self-evident.In 1960, he Bingyan, commander of chengdu Military Area Command, fell ill at his post. Due to various reasons at that time, Huang Xinting was appointed as commander of the military area command by the central government one month after He bingyan died.However, when we look at PI Dingjun’s successor after the sacrifice, we will find that no new Fuzhou military commander has been appointed for more than a year after PI Dingjun’s death. What is going on here?Was there no general to replace PI Dingjun?In 1977, Deng Xiaoping called Yang Chengwu into a conference room for a talk.Yang Chengwu walked into the meeting room and found that the meeting room is his old superiors, respectively nie Rongzhen, Ye Jianying two marshals.Seeing Yang chengwu come in, Deng Xiaoping said without any courtesy: “Now our relations with Taiwan are very tense. After careful consideration, the central government has finally appointed you as commander of the Fuzhou Military Region.Let s go back to our original post as chief staff officer after we ease our relations with Taiwan.Yang chengwu was not parachuted into the Fuzhou military region commander, but since PI Dingjun’s death, Yang Chengwu has been the Fuzhou military region commander.But at that time, his main work was still in charge of the daily work of the General Staff Headquarters. Now, due to the need of the situation, the central government appointed Yang Chengwu as the full-time commander of the Fuzhou Military Area Command.After Yang Chengwu heard this appointment, he naturally knew how heavy his burden was. He agreed to come down directly without too much hesitation and evading. After the conversation, Yang Chengwu immediately packed his luggage and went to fuzhou Military Region.There are three reasons why Yang Chengwu chose Yang Chengwu as commander-in-chief, because Yang Chengwu had a lot of history with the Fuzhou Military Region.First of all, Yang Chengwu is a native of Fujian, he went to Fuzhou military region is equivalent to returning to his hometown.I have a very good understanding of some of the environment and customs of my hometown, and I can also work well at critical moments.At the age of 15, Yang Chengwu left his hometown and chose to join the Red Army. In the second year of joining the Red Army, Yang Chengwu became a party member because of his outstanding performance.When Yang Chengwu’s Minxi Red Army became the main force of the Fourth Red Army, Yang Chengwu took part in the anti-encircled and suppression battles in the central Soviet area for many times.During the Long March, Yang chengwu was the political commissar of the Red Fourth Regiment, the vanguard of the Central Red Army.After the outbreak of the War of Resistance against Japan, Yang Chengwu’s first encounter with the Japanese army is in the well-known Pingxing pass.After the battle of Pingxing Pass, he followed Nie Rongzhen to Henan and other places to establish the Jin-Cha-Ji base.Now, when Yang Chengwu returns to his hometown, he is an old man in his sixties.When he returned to Fuzhou, the first thing he did was to visit the teacher who had enlightened him. On the way, he also had a full understanding of the military facilities in Fujian.In addition to being a native of Fujian, Yang chengwu also took part in the famous Jinmen artillery battle after the founding of the People’s Republic of China.At that time, the operational unit of the Jinmen artillery battle was the Fuzhou Military Area Command, which fought under the command of the General Staff Headquarters, and Yang Chengwu was one of the main leaders of the general Staff headquarters at that time.Yang Chengwu played a very key role in the Artillery battle of Kinmen. He not only accurately conveyed the various decisions of the Central Military Commission, but also formulated many specific battle plans.At that time, due to the influence of the global situation, the tactics of the Artillery battle in Kinmen were very changeable, sometimes shelling, sometimes ceasefire, the decision of the American fleet escort immediately firing, etc., which Yang Chengwu accurately conveyed to the frontline.The last point is about the handover. After the death of General PI Dingjun, the central committee immediately sent a working group to deal with the follow-up work.At that time, three general sent Yang Chengwu, Zhang Zhen, Liang Biye composition, they came to Fujian began to talk with the main leadership of fuzhou military region, while actively investigating the cause of the crash.So all three of them had a very specific understanding of the conditions of the Fuzhou military region at that time.The reason why Yang Chengwu can stand out from these three, there is a very important point, is Yang Chengwu’s resume.Tensions between China and Taiwan were high and it was necessary to send a battle-tested general to hold the line.And Yang Chengwu is very perfect in line with this characteristic.During the War of Resistance against Japan, he was marshal Nie Rongzhen’s most powerful man.During the War of Liberation, he led a regiment to fight with the KMT ace troops in North China. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, he even petitioned to go to the Korean Peninsula to fight against the well-equipped American army.After returning from Korea, he was in charge of security for Chairman MAO’s travel.In this way, Yang chengwu also served as the commander of the Beijing Military Area Command, the commander of the air defense force and many other important strategic positions, so Deng Xiaoping chose Yang Chengwu after careful consideration.Yang Chengwu also lived up to expectations after serving as the commander of fuzhou Military Region. In the following six years, he excellently completed the tasks arranged by the central government and promoted the development of Fuzhou Military Region.Summary: Yang Chengwu was appointed at the critical moment, he did not give up the mission given to him by the motherland because of the comfortable life of the General Staff.His life is the epitome of the Chinese revolutionaries, no matter where the motherland needs themselves, no matter what kind of difficulties will face, countless revolutionaries like Yang Chengwu, will go to the front line regardless of personal danger.For the Chinese revolution to contribute their own strength!

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