“Zombie campus” zombie rampant campus, the closest students, one into a bloodthirsty zombie

The only thing worse than zombies is social bullying!Originally, Netflix’s zombie Campus was not much expected, which should be a youth funny horror film. Unexpectedly, the film is full of youth sadness and strong protest against the social system, which makes the film look different from another perspective.Net fly production, certainly is a big production, the footage of the bloody violence and pornography of the x-rated are all done, a group of zombie actors are very professional performance, and the number is quite huge.It’s not just a bunch of zombies in the first few scenes, and then just a couple of cats in the back. Netflix will never do that. From beginning to end, you can see a sea of actors playing zombies.The film is only 12 episodes, can be said to be quite lengthy, and each episode is almost more than 50 minutes, compared with the past Netflix Korean drama, this drama is undoubtedly a bit long, to the audience to watch 12 episodes, is definitely a big test.The drama is a disadvantage, because the plot is inevitably loose, but it is also an advantage of the film, because the main characters, it will smooth out the ups and downs of the role, so that the audience have a deep impression on them, is also a successful characterization of the film.For example: the second place of the four eyes son Junying, wisdom, always think of ways for everyone to rescue;Eager to help others love singing fat Daxiu, always have endless energy to block zombies;Nayan who always protects herself;At ordinary times do not talk to the monitor of the south, but finally with the classmate of the enemy.So the role people are stereoscopic, it is castle peak of male leading role no matter, still be campus beautiful the heroine wen zhao of high popularity, they have their own story each.”Zombie campus” in addition to the students in the dead, how to establish trust in suspicion, how we work together against zombies, there are always students sacrifice for the students, even for the school reputation of self-protection of the teacher group, there are always good teachers.In the family is also quite touching, such as the fire brigade captain dad, castle peak fried chicken shop castle peak mom, river Li and brother Yu Jin of life and death, always feel the scene is particularly anxious.The best classmate, the loved ones, are bitten into zombies, from now on the family and friendship discrete, and finally it is a big bomb, send them to the other end of the world.Zombie chase scene, really from beginning to end is not less, can be described as wonderful as the movie level, but there is really nothing new in zombie description.For example: the science teacher who was forced to resign when he was working in a pharmaceutical factory, why would he develop a virus?He is angry at the indifference of the school community to his son’s bullying, and then retaliates against the injustice of the society, so the new virus research and development makes people into zombies, is to destroy the inhuman society.The girl who was forced to take a naked video by her bad classmates was even more determined to let the whole school burn after she turned into a zombie, which is another kind of bullying resistance with evil for evil.In addition to bullying being the main theme of the film, another theme is to protest the inhumanity of the government.Master students are the future of the country, is also a new hope, but because of the fear of the virus, no mercy is not human nature, is the destruction of country a group of important people, especially like filial piety hills high school, is the focus of the noble school, there are a lot of people, even the young to give up by the state, this kind of disappointed hurt too much for young people, by the army rescue give up them,Decided to use their own wisdom and strength to escape the danger.This moment lost classmates, teachers, family members or parents of young people, their inner pain is very sad, so I say this play is youth reality cruel drama, even if it is only a TV drama, but the plot inevitably feel angry and sad for the government’s incompetence and cold-blooded.Originally, there was no expectation for the actors this time, because the popularity is not too high, but this time the performance is very good, both male and female leading roles, and even supporting roles have quite bright performance, let a person familiar with the squid Game, Lee Yu-mi, played four eyes high school student Jun Young Ahn Seung-kyun and others.Yoon Chan-young, who plays Lee Sang-sang, is more attractive, but Park Solomon, who plays Soo-hyeok, is taller and more handsome.As WenZhao park with thick, personal feel her acting a little green, almost all other female classmate rob mirror, is only half frozen half female two south of < Zhao Yixian play >, from start not being objective role, all later plot role outbreak, was a bit surprising, after all, her character is more complex, in fact, I read, prefer to monitor the south.Zombie virus mutation, it will evolve, is a major focus of the film, they are half rigid and half human, what will happen in the future?That really remains to be revealed in Season 2.As for whether there will be a second season, it really depends on how much people like it.

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