Yang Yuhuan opera legend Beauty cry, Sun Wukong dunhuang linkage raid, modern wind legends 3 choose 1

Original | little younger sister of the king of Kings glory again recently there is a lot of new skin, jade bracelet will usher in a new drama linkage skin, and perhaps the quality of legend, the Monkey King is expected to obtain new linkage skin, dunhuang GuanYuXin urban wind skin mount is motorcycle, urban wind there obsidian and Joe cole is expected to obtain a new skin.Yang Yuhuan just released a special skin for the Year of the Tiger during the Spring Festival, yinhu Heart Melody, but this skin is only limited to epic quality, but Yang Yuhuan is likely to welcome a legendary skin.It was previously revealed that Yang Yuhuan will have a premium skin, in addition to the limited skin for the Year of the Tiger, and it was also hinted that this skin is legendary quality.Besides, still have the person to break the news this year’s national memory series skin has a quota is Yang Yuhuan, Yang Yuhuan this new skin is likely opera linkage skin, skin of this kind of opera wind still suits Yang Yuhuan quite.However, Yang Yuhuan’s Yin Hu xin Qu skin just online for a short time, this new skin should not be too early online, the earliest until the second half of this year.In addition, king of Glory in dunhuang linkage series of skin is also deeply loved by players, dunhuang linkage series has a total of Yang Yuhuan – met apsaras, Yao – met deer, diao Chan – met apsaras and other 3 skin, the quality of these 3 skin is very good, many players are very like,Because this many players look forward to dunhuang linkage series of new skin very much.Recently, someone broke the news that dunhuang linkage series of new skin may be to Sun Wukong, Sun Wukong this new skin color and the first 3 dunhuang linkage skin is the same, and Sun Wukong also revealed abdominal muscles, looks pretty handsome.However, the quality of this skin has not been determined, according to the heat of sun Wukong, this skin should be legendary quality.New skin of City wind of Guan Yu besides, recently Guan Yu also had the message of new skin, the skin before Guan Yu is basic ancient wind, and this new skin is city wind, this is the style that Guan Yu has never tried.Others broke the news that Guan Yu’s new skin of this urban style is not a horse, but a motorcycle, which sounds very new.In addition, the quality of Guan Yu’s new skin should be limited legend level, this is guan Yu’s second limited legend skin, the specific launch date has not been determined, but it should be in March, anyway, it is not too late to launch.Guan Yu urban style modeling, and riding a motorcycle appearance, or very looking forward to.Big Joe, obsidian new skin in addition to Guan Yu, big Joe and obsidian also have a new skin news, and their new skin may also be urban wind.In sun Shangxiang and Liu Bei’s lover skin, there has been a new skin of the egg, so the new skin is likely to be with the lover skin series.In addition, before someone revealed auxiliary first legend skin is yao, the second is big Joe, and yao – when the wish skin has been online, then big Joe’s new legend skin should also be about to go online.Since big Joe and obsidian at the same time to join the new skin plan, so they two may be the same series of urban wind skin.Qiaomei to summarize Yang Yuhuan will usher in a new opera linked legend skin, Sun Wukong is expected to get the new Dunhuang linked skin, Guan Yu’s urban wind legend skin is about to go online, big Joe and obsidian is also expected to get new urban wind legend skin.

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