Wipe the podium follow-up!Canadian player for South Korea “whitewash”, net friend: hero does not eat before the eyes

On February 19, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially entered the final stage, The Chinese team 8 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze 14 MEDALS temporarily ranked the fourth medal table, the force is also known as the Asian sports power Japan, South Korea!Those who follow the Beijing Winter Olympics should have heard that south Korean athletes were ridiculed by athletes from all over the world for their “ugly” behavior during the Beijing Winter Olympics.However, The Korean players did not care and even felt good about themselves, breaking the bottom line of the world’s perception of Korean players again and again.As we all know, south Korean player Cha Min-kyu in the speed skating 500 meters award ceremony with his hand “wipe the podium”, caused a hot discussion!Cha Min-kyu of South Korea “wiped the podium” clearly meant that the Competition was “not clean”, because the same thing happened in The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.At that time, Canadian athletes were treated unfairly at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. A Canadian athlete who was on the podium “wiped the podium” and said Korea’s podium was too dirty.South Korean athlete Cha Min-kyu said in an interview with the media that he “wiped the podium” to protest against the doping scandal of Russian Olympic team Maria Valieva.But obviously, for The South Korean player Car min kui’s explanation, domestic netizens do not buy it, Valieva and car min Kui belong to two unrelated events, even if Valieva is really related to doping scandal, and car min Kui what relationship?Interestingly, after the Canadian athletes won the championship, they also did the “wipe the podium” action!In an interview with reporters, Canadian athletes Hamelin said: wipe the podium action does not have any special meaning, just a clean, clean podium to meet the MEDALS.The explanation of The Canadian athletes, invisible also for the South Korean players Car Min Kui “whitewash”.Such a simple truth, Canadian athletes Hamelin can not understand it?But why would he do that?In fact, it is very simple, but not to say that the Canadian players forget the pain of the scar, as the domestic netizens said that: a hero does not eat before the loss!It is obvious that the Action of the Canadian athlete “wiping the podium” is in the connotation of the Korean athlete, but this cannot be said in front of the reporters.After the Pyeongchang Games, the Olympic committee issued a rule that athletes could not make any protest gestures during the awarding process, which could lead to heavy fines and even the removal of MEDALS.What do you think about that?

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