What do you know about men’s mating strategies?How do you tell if your suitor is sincere?This article tells you

In men’s hearts, they know exactly what kind of woman is suitable for lovers and what kind of woman is suitable for wives.”He says he’ll always love me, but why doesn’t he get a divorce?In men’s minds, there are two different mating strategies: one is short-term, intense, unaccompanied by commitment and nurturing of offspring.Lovers and one-night stands fall into this category.One is a long-term mating strategy, stable, with marital commitment and parenting.Virtually every man we see today knows how to use a mixed strategy.Such a man is likely to be a good husband and father who is responsible for the family.At the same time, he could be a prodigal son, going out to have fun, looking for women.This is because men who simply choose the short option are prone to genetic extinction, because without male support, it is difficult for women to raise children independently.Men who simply choose to grow are also likely to lose their offspring because they risk being cuckold and raising a child for someone else.So in men’s eyes, what kind of woman is suitable for short, which is suitable for long?Curvy women are more likely to be short-term partners, but looks are more important when choosing a long-term partner, according to a survey.Because a woman with large breasts and hips is seen in our aesthetic machinery as more fertile, men are naturally inclined to this type of woman.But when it comes to choosing a long-term mate, it’s more attractive, which means the offspring are of higher quality.In layman’s terms, beautiful women have an easier time finding good husbands, but women with bigger breasts tend to have more suitors.Knowing how men choose their mates, how can women decide whether they are being targeted for short or long?When a man pursues you, you have to remember that the short term is a passion. It’s just passion without too much commitment.If you let this enthusiasm go to your head, he succeeded.If you want to be happy, you have to hold back.Besides, when a guy pursues you, no matter how good his offer is, no matter how much he likes a girl like you, you shouldn’t rush to say yes without fully understanding him.You should explain that the relationship is not there yet.Step by step, a man will develop to the point where you feel comfortable, and gradually become a man you feel comfortable with.If you reject a man the first time because you are insecure, the next time he tries again despite your feelings, it shows that he is purposeful and sees you as a transient partner.When men don’t want to get married and just want a short-term partner, they tend to significantly lower their standards in terms of appearance, body shape, income, education and other aspects because it’s easier to succeed.Therefore, a man who is obviously much better than you will come after you, mainly short choice.In other words, if you don’t like most of your suitors, you’re bound to meet relationship cheaters.If a man really wants to find a wife, he will adopt the long choice strategy and prefer to find a woman as his wife who knows how to refuse unreasonable demands from men so that they will not be cheated.So when you reject a man’s unreasonable demands, the men who try to deal with you with short options will back off, and the men who really want to marry you will stay.

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