The isolation “risk assessment” is divided into the minimum area after the closed loop personnel work

The China youth daily client Beijing February 12 (· QingWang reporter in the popular newspaper supplement Guo Jian) at the international Olympic committee (ioc) in today’s Beijing games organising committee for the press conference, deputy director of the office of the Beijing games organizers epidemic prevention and control, nunda introduction, from January 4, began to enter the closed loop for the Beijing Olympics to provide security services staff,The isolation period can be determined after work according to the “dynamic policy” at the time.”We are very grateful for the hard work of every staff member, who has worked very hard. It is due to their strict compliance with our quarantine policy that the Winter Olympics can proceed smoothly.””We will make a risk assessment based on the specific situation at the time to determine whether the quarantine period is’ 7+14 ‘or’ 14+7, ‘” Huang said.Nunda said, “risk assessment” can divide to the smallest area and unit, this means that even if security personnel work “big area” (such as a closed loop hotel) positive cases, but also according to the specific situation for “risk assessment” and eventually determine the separation time, and in “home quarantine monitoring” stage, people can still be normal to work, “home and unit two point one line,They will not participate in gathering activities and will take nucleic acid tests in accordance with relevant requirements.According to Zhao Weidong, spokesman for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, on February 11, a total of 81 people related to the Games entered China, none of which were tested positive by customs.A total of 71184 cases were detected in the closed loop, including 6500 cases of athletes and officials and 64,684 cases of other stakeholders, among which 8 persons, 4 athletes and officials and 4 other stakeholders were retested positive.Source: China Youth Daily client

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