Runners put the cart before the horse: “heavy” technique, “light” theory

Words:Has had such a tradition among runners, that is to run fast there is a “blind” worship, so we often can see some level slightly runners are like to run in the network and share their own experience, actually there is no question of the matter itself, rather than the back of the runners go less detours, after all, running too hard about it,Many people still want to take some shortcuts, but what we lack is a specific problem specific analysis, the mistake of others’ skills completely “copy” to their own body, a long time we will find that this is not completely suitable for us, because the biggest difference between people is physique.Running is not a so-called “mang” campaign, not as long as your legs can do, in fact, a lot of books about running, but I know that for the average runner, these won’t take the time to study, but life will experience tells us that a thing can be simple, can also be complex, simple as a result, we know only one second,Most of the time, we just simplify running and directly acquire other people’s “ready-made” experience, such as running rhythm, breathing control, correct running form, etc., this kind of technical things are paid too much attention, but neglect some theoretical basis.For example, the consumption order of body energy substances, the difference between running in the morning and running at night, the best heart rate range for weight loss and so on, but many people are the cart before the horse.We run the first thing to understand one thing, the purpose of our running different purposes, the required running style is also different, runners special taboos for runners blindly following don’t understand, we want to understand the running, if you want to learn from other runners, is to have a clear understanding of the people, ran a few steps, together to talk about running technology for reference,Otherwise it is all talk, for our own may be effective in the short term, in the long term may be taken away or will cause injury.So for runners, we must strengthen their theoretical basis, the understanding of a system running, go to action, we will know, running fast runners is kind of a class of, the kind of runners for health and they never fast, but we cannot narrow think they not running.Some people admire runners who can run hundreds of kilometers at a time, and they think that’s positive energy. Actually, in my opinion, there are groups. It’s positive energy for competitive runners, but not for healthy runners.Arm yourself with knowledge, let yourself worship yourself, I wish you run more healthy.

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