Out!!!After the disastrous defeat of The National football team against Japan, the fans suggested to Li Xiaopeng that they could go home and have a rest

On January 27, Beijing time, China lost 2-0 to Japan at saitama Stadium.No one was surprised by the result.After all, there was a visible gap between the two teams. At the same time, China’s Luo Guofu, Exke and Fernando did not participate in the game for their own reasons, so before the game, not many people thought China could win the victory.It is worth mentioning that Australia also beat Vietnam without a doubt, they have come to 14 points.That is to say, after losing this game, China will be out of the World Cup in advance, because even if China wins 3 consecutive games in the future, our score will be 14 points at most, even if Australia loses 3 consecutive games in the future, it will be ahead of China.After the game, not too many people talk about the loss of the game.But these 3 people attracted the hot discussion of the fans, many fans suggested to Li Xiaopeng, let these 3 players go home to rest.No.1: Yu Dabao Yu Dabao is currently playing for Beijing Guoan Club. He is 33 years old this year.Obviously, now the national football team has lost the theoretical possibility of qualifying, we need more training recruits in the following matches.So I think the fans’ suggestion is reasonable. Li Xiaopeng can let Yu Dabao go home to rest and give more playing time to young players. After all, the future of the National football team depends on them.Second: Zhang Linpeng Zhang Linpeng is a player we are very familiar with, but time does not change, now Zhang Linpeng has also come to the age of 32.We can see that in the final 12 of the Preliminary round, Zhang Linpeng’s defense intensity declined significantly, which was mainly caused by the decrease of physical strength. We even saw zhang Linpeng fell down on the field several times.So I think the fans’ suggestion is also very reasonable. Li Xiaopeng can let Zhang Linpeng go home and have a rest. Let the young people do the following things.Third: Wu Lei although the team’s record in a complete mess, but Wu Lei’s personal performance is quite good.He has scored 4 goals in the preliminary matches, the most in the Asian division.It is clear that Wu Lei has given his all.The fans thought that the next game was training, wu Lei really did not need to accompany the young players to practice on the court, they suggested to Li Xiaopeng, let Wu Lei go home to rest, the next ball do not play.

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