How to let out the glass water

The way to drain the glass water is to open the lid of your car, find the lid of the glass water tank, put a 2 meter long soft water pipe as deep as you can, and then from the other end of the pipe, you can connect a syringe, suck the liquid out of the tank, and when it comes out the equivalent of a headlamp, take it off.Will soft water pipe on the ground and let the glass tank the water out, waiting for the glass liquid runs out of the water tank, the glass of water tank to add a small amount of water and start the new glass wiper, make the new glass cleaner water can be sucked up and out, so as to remove the residue of glass pipe water, stay without glass water overflowing, continues the glass tank joined new glass of water.Usually 2 bottles of 2 l, will be a little more, just use clean, after all the lid of the fixed well, the whole operation is completed, the stress of the siphon is the use of liquid level difference phenomenon, pour liquid filling to the u-shaped tubular structure, and then open high-end in a container of a liquid, the liquid in the container will siphon constantly flowing from the lower position openings.If low water glass pot of water, can look for the steering wheel on the right side, water operation, don’t let go of this operation, need to wait until the glass water is sprayed out, if you have any more glass pot water you can lift up the car in the garage, from the inside of the glass bottom of the pot of water drain drainage, automotive windshield cleaning fluid known as belongs to the use of consumables.

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