How about planting fungus liquid on greenhouse strawberry

Yifuyuan planting bacteria liquid has been widely used in planting. Today, Xiao Er will tell you how to use Yifuyuan planting bacteria liquid to grow strawberry, Zeng produced, TI high economic income.Planting strawberry we choose yifuyuan company production of planting bacteria liquid, high activity beneficial bacteria stock liquid, do not activate the processing of what messy process, go back to use directly, convenient and easy, good effect.Product Description: Name: Yifuyuan planting bacteria liquid properties: reddish-brown liquid (water agent) Specification: 2000ml/ bottle?6 bottles/box price: 216 YUAN/box Usage: it can be sprayed with water, irrigated with roots, and irrigated with water. Composition: Beneficial and rich source Planting bacteria liquid by yeast, actinomycetes, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, potassium-solubilizing bacteria, photosynthetic bacteria, bacillus, lactic acid bacteria and more than 80 kinds of beneficial bacteria compound beneficial living bacteria.Suitable for: strawberry, watermelon and other fruit planting manufacturers: Zhengzhou Yifuyuan Biological Technology Co., LTD. Advisory: Small Li Yifuyuan cultivation bacteria liquid in the cultivation of strawberry effect: 1.Soil improvement and disease prevention: beneficial bacteria in the cultivation liquid and actinomycetes in the soil symbiosis and co-colonization, form a good crop growth environment, improve soil fertilizer quality, thoroughly improve soil properties;Supplement beneficial bacteria in soil, inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria, protect strawberry roots, reduce soil-borne diseases, reduce the incidence of plant diseases and nematodes.2. Improve fertilizer efficiency and promote growth: the active beneficial bacteria in the planting bacteria liquid can decompose the organic matter in the soil, and the use of organic fertilizer can significantly improve the utilization rate of fertilizer, reduce the amount of fertilizer, promote rapid growth and reduce the cost.3. Improve the quality of green organic: irrigation, spraying page, beneficial microorganisms can promote the conversion of plant nutrition elements, improve the quality of strawberry, dark green leaves, thick leaves;Improve the sweetness and color of strawberry fruit;Early harvest, extended harvest period.Improve the quality, effectively restore the original ecology of crops and other functions, greatly improve the survival rate and yield of strawberry.Strawberry cultivation can be divided into open-air cultivation and greenhouse cultivation, and the dosage method of bacteria liquid cultivation is the same as that of beneficial source cultivation: 1.Seedling stage: seedling stage, seedling bed must be thoroughly treated, with yifuyuan planting bacteria solution 1kg of water and 200kg of water, spray soil degradation improvement, promote seedling root growth, improve the survival rate of transplanting, 2kg yifuyuan planting bacteria solution per mu.2. Soil treatment: before transplanting, dilute THE EM bacteria liquid with 1:500 times the proportion of water, irrigation, eliminate the preferential bacteria and bacteria in the soil, increase the beneficial bacteria, prevent soil compaction, re-transplanting, the spread of diseases and insect pests, the amount of 4-6kg per mu of beneficial source planting bacteria liquid can be.3. Growth period: according to the growth cycle of strawberry, periodic irrigation, spraying beneficial and rich planting bacteria liquid, promote growth, prevent the occurrence of foliar diseases (such as: gray mold, white spot, leaf blight, powdery mildew, fusarium wilt, viral disease).4. Fertilization period: in addition to the use of beneficial sources of planting bacteria liquid fermentation of some organic fertilizer, liquid water fertilizer, watering, can promote the decomposition of difficult fertilizer (such as: sheep manure, chicken manure, etc.) rapid decomposition, will not burn root burning seedlings.Greenhouse planting strawberry need to pay attention to greenhouse temperature: the optimal temperature for strawberry growth is 20-28 deG C, high temperature above 36 deG C and low temperature below 5 deG C are adverse to strawberry growth.During the day, the temperature should be controlled between 25-28℃, not more than 30 ℃, and at night, 7 ℃ is appropriate.The initial flowering stage was kept at 25℃, and the flowering stage was kept at 23℃.From late December to the end of January, when the temperature of the greenhouse is below 5℃, heating facilities should be set up in the greenhouse.The humidity in the shed should be controlled below 80% before flowering, and the fruit should be controlled at 60% before flowering.In order to prevent high temperature and humidity, ventilation is carried out around noon.The experimental results showed that: from 1st L1, the strawberry leaves were sprayed with the diluted yifuyuan planting bacteria solution at a ratio of 1:200 times, once for 7-15 days and sprayed 3 times continuously.Results show that the average yield of strawberry was 127.64 g, than control (spray for reasons not fuyuan planting bacteria liquid) increased by 28.97% and spray for reasons fuyuan after planting bacteria liquid strawberry fruit soluble solids content of 10.24%, 14.8% higher than control, and at the same time, the application of fuyuan planting bacteria liquid, acid content decreased, VC content increased,The flavor and quality of fruit were improved obviously.

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