College students escape ticket climbing Lushan fell to death, family claims 900,000 why was rejected by the court

Recently, the Lushan People’s Court in Jiangxi province heard a heart-wrenching case.On July 26, 2021, xiao Liu, a college student, fell to his death after entering the Longshouya scenic spot in Lushan Mountain.It was not until Aug. 6 that her parents reported her to lushan Public Security Bureau.On August 10, police found a body about 60 meters below the Longshou Cliff. DNA comparison confirmed the body’s identity as Xiao Liu.After police ruled out homicide, the insurance company compensated Liu’s parents with more than 40,000 yuan after coordination with the safety management department of the scenic spot.However, after the agreement was signed, the parents sued the scenic area’s management for more than 900,000 yuan in compensation.The court ultimately rejected his claim for compensation.After the case received online attention, it also raised questions about why the court rejected the family’s request.The incident is not caused by negligence of scenic management and safety risks.Lushan City people’s Court after hearing that: “Longhead cliff scenic spots as open outdoor attractions, with safety warning signs along the way, in the cliff viewing platform with 1.2 meters high guardrail, has done the security obligations.As the safety management department of the scenic spot, it can only take responsibility if it violates its security obligations.”In the case, the court said, “From the point of view of this case, the scenic spot has done its duty to ensure safety. In the case that Xiao Liu did not buy the tickets and did not meet the conditions for compensation, the scenic spot has tried to obtain partial compensation from the insurance company, which reflects the humanitarian spirit.”In addition, in the case of excluding homicide, the court also considered that Liu suffered from mild depression, traveled alone, argued with his mother before the accident, abandoned his luggage, and the scenic spot security measures were complete, and concluded that his death was intentionally caused by himself.From a moral point of view, the scenic spot gave some compensation to the bereaved family out of humanitarian consideration. Liu should be responsible for his own life, and his parents should not blame the scenic spot.The fairness of the law is reflected in the clear definition of rights and responsibilities. Everyone should assume their own responsibilities and fulfill their corresponding obligations.Previously, we have seen in media reports that there are hidden dangers in the safety facilities of individual scenic spots, resulting in casualties of tourists.In this regard, the court will strictly investigate the responsibility of the operators and managers of scenic spots, light fines, serious criminal responsibility.In order to avoid accidents, some scenic spots will do their best to do a good job of safety inspection, so that tourists can play at ease.In addition, many people focus on the tragic experience of college students who fell to their deaths.The story of young people climbing alone and falling to their deaths in dangerous places due to bad mood or even long-term depression has been around for many years, which makes people more aware of the extreme importance of life education.Although the causes of death vary from suicide to accident to falling off a cliff in a fit of depression and trance, in each case, a beautiful life has been lost.In this regard, we also hope that every young person can cherish their own life and always put life safety first.(originally titled “college students escape ticket climbing Lushan Fell to death, family claims 900,000 why was rejected by the court?”By Huang Shuai from China Youth Daily)

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