Alert!There are no free ‘red envelopes’ online

“Epidemic subsidy bonus”, “holiday subsidy bonus”, “hotel opening bonus”…Retweet a certain number of groups or friends to claim.With the rapid development of mobile payment, snatching red envelopes has become a hobby for many people.However, some red envelopes are not “free lunch”, when people excitedly open the place may find, not only did not grab the money, but also be diverted to some soft pornography or even pornographic network novel websites, suffer money loss, information leakage.In March 2021, the Public security bureau of Guannan County, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, received a report from the public that someone was sending links such as “epidemic subsidy red envelope” and “holiday subsidy red envelope” in wechat groups, enticing the forwarding of several wechat groups, but finally diversion to soft porn online novels.Police are paying attention to the abnormal situation of “fake red envelopes” that can be diverted to soft porn online novels.After checking these “fake red envelopes”, there is no money to be received. When you return from the red envelope page, some obscene stories will appear.Once someone has read, a prompt appears at the “key point” and they need to recharge to continue reading.Half month talk reporters point to open a “tomorrow opened” link found that the content is “slide grab red envelope”, according to the guidance of the operation did not grab red envelope, click back also jumped out of the pornographic novels and GIF, return two or three times can not exit.Guannan County public Security Bureau network security brigade case squadron deputy captain Wu Wei introduced, in order to attract readers to spend more money to read, criminals will suddenly prompt payment at the key points of the story, the payment mode is divided into monthly membership, quarterly membership, annual membership, the longer the renewal time, “the higher the cost performance”.”Take the case we investigated as an example, there were more than 400 pornographic online novels, involving more than 20 million yuan.”Arvin says.In addition, the creators of some obscene online book stores will lure readers into filling in personal id numbers, mobile phone numbers and other information with the promise of free access to some chapters, which will soon be resold online for around 30 yuan.In fact, at the beginning of 2021, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) launched a special campaign called “Clear Lang · Spring Festival Internet Environment”, focusing on the disruption of Internet ecology that the public strongly complained about and affected their online experience.What kind of industrial chain does this kind of soft porn network novel have behind after all? Why can it be concealed under severe attack?Wu Wei said that most of the online bookstores established by these lawbreakers are carefully disguised and only normal online novels can be seen when browsing. Those obscene online novels must be imported through special links, and these links are often placed in red envelopes and wechat public accounts, and then transmitted through various wechat groups.”WeChat public, although going through real-name authentication, but due to reasons such as information leakage, batch number speculation WeChat public on the network business, group members many WeChat group members can be purchased by specific WeChat ID into the internal, problems linked to a red envelope form of camouflage, pornographic books and periodicals can be spread in the form of hidden, fast fission.”Arvin says.Zheng Kun, a police officer with the Guannan County Public Security Bureau, said that in order to entice readers to spend more money, some novels often describe a pornographic plot in very complicated language, and from the point of view of identification, the whole book must be read before comprehensive identification.At present, many online novels often contain tens of thousands of words, or even hundreds of thousands of words, making identification and law enforcement very difficult.Zheng Kun suggested that relevant laws and regulations should be timely improved and refined in view of the current rapid development of online novels, and information sharing and joint law enforcement should also be strengthened in cyberspace, press and publication, public security and other departments.For the use of wechat red envelope, wechat public number drainage to soft pornography online novels illegal profit behavior, Half month talk reporters also interviewed the wechat platform.A staff member on the platform replied that such fake red envelope links, which trick users into clicking and sharing, have been in existence for some time and are targeted by wechat.The platform has strengthened security risk warnings when users visit unsafe links. Users are requested to pay attention to various page security reminders. For pages that look unreliable, “do not click, do not recharge, do not forward”, they can report at any time, and the platform will timely deal with illegal public accounts and personal accounts.Wu Wei also reminded netizens to sharpen their eyes, do not be greedy for cheap, do not easily click on the links sent by strangers, do not leak personal information to strangers at will.If any clues are found, report them to relevant network platforms and regulatory authorities in time.Source: China Internet Joint Rumor Refuting Platform Responsible Editor: Tao Xiaoai (transferred from: Capital Network Police)

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