In his old age, sun Quan’s generals were exhausted, and only six stars of hope remained

At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, The Three Kingdoms of Wei, Shu and Wu were all unified by the Western Jin Dynasty, but there were essential differences in the causes of their demise.Wei was defeated by sima’s forces, while Shu Han and Sun Wu were defeated by external forces, which can also be understood as their own weak strength and lack of elite talents.The late script of the original game shows that the top talents of the three camps have decreased as a whole, and the situation of Wu and Shu is much worse than that of Wei.Before we talked about the Big wave swept the sand MOD of Shu Han, Liu Chan’s greenhouse flowers will soon be exposed to wind, frost, rain and snow because of the loss of Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun and others, and even meng Huo, the king of the savage can step on his nose.As the eastern ally Sun Quan, his old age also fell into a dilemma of no one to use.The great ones are either dead or in the process of crossing the line, and there are only six young men under the age of 35 who can handle them.Ding Feng (tong 85, Wu 94, Zhi 71, Zheng 55, mei 56) 36 is the current imaginary age of Ding Feng, this brother is the only step on the line shortlisted.Among the twelve tiger ministers in the east of the River, only Ding Feng has anything to look forward to. His adaptability of spearmen and marines is higher than that of S level, and his force value can also hold down most of the generals of the same period.In his later years, Sun Quan wanted to defend the line of defense along the Yangtze River, and the best candidate was Ding Feng. As for the others, they had the strength to live soon and have a long life.Sun Huan (Tong 86, Wu 72, Zhi 71, Zheng 67, Mei 77) had the reputation of “clan Yan Yuan”, only by virtue of the excellent performance in the Battle of Yiling was recognized and valued by Sun Quan.He added a bow to the iron wall ability of the original Sanguo 11.With the adaptability of s-class crossbow soldiers, and then the value of force to practice up, jiangdong version of Zhang Ren is the five-pointed star warrior.In the Book of Filial Piety (Tong 50, Wu 40, Zhi 87, Zheng 73, Mei 57), it is said that “the parents whose body hair and skin were affected”, the ancients would never easily damage their bodies except in very special and urgent circumstances.Xiahou Dun was shot blind in the battle with Lu Bu, and the reason why he wanted to pull out and eat it was to show his toughness to his opponent, but also to fulfill filial piety.In order to win the battle of Shijeong, Zhou Gurley cut off his hair to earn Cao Sue, which was also a great sacrifice.Cao Hugh saw zhou Megalobrama even hair cut, believe that the other party let himself ambushed, it can be seen how xiaoyi at that time can cause a strong resonance.The initial intelligence of Gurama reached 87 points in the dalang Sand MOD, and added a counter strategy after the poison, a little experience is a small Jia Xu.Lu Kai (Tong 64, Wu 60, Zhi 84, Zheng 88, Mei 76) Gu Tan (Tong 31, Wu 22, Zhi 70, Zheng 81, Mei 72) Lu Xun’s nephew Lu Kai and Gu Yong’s grandson Gu tan will both take over the baton from their respective elders in the near future.Lu Kai did not make any achievements in foreign wars, but made some achievements in the internal crusade against mountains and mountains. At the same time, he mastered reform and capable officials, and was good at catching strong men and knocking equipment.Gu tan is good at finance, innovation skills doubled the efficiency of the barn and mint, business skills for stir-fry grain is necessary, jiangnan is the land of fish and rice is his stage.Zhuge Ke (tong69, Wu 45, Zhi 95, Zheng 80, Mei 57) Although Zhuge Ke’s personality was indeed easy to get carried away, he had to admit that the Battle of Dongxing was very clean, and he was able to win more with less, and zhuge Zhan was much more useful than it was.The game to zhugeke’s skills set, is on the basis of hundreds of problems added to see through and innovation, whether in the line of fire or sitting in the temple, his hands have dry goods.Unfortunately uncle Zhuge Liang is not in the world, there is no god 100 even.For the players who choose Sun Quan in 225, the above six must be taken seriously, Lu Kang was not born at this time, temporarily can not be counted on.That’s all for the introduction of this issue, thank you for your long-term attention and support.

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