During the Spring Festival holiday, more tourists are discovering new pleasures “at home”

Beijing, February 6 (Reporter Yang Zhaokui) Today is the last day of the Spring Festival holiday, the reporter comprehensive hornet’s Nest, Tongcheng, Qunar, Tuniu and other online travel platform data found that the 2022 Spring Festival, more tourists in the “home” to explore new fun, the local tour, the surrounding tour become the mainstream.Skating and skiing, hot spring, hotel, amusement park are the main content of fun.Tuniu data showed that nearly 60 percent of tourists changed the “distance” to local or peripheral travel during the Spring Festival holiday.Hornet’s Nest data showed that one-day trips were the first choice, with 70.8 percent of young people choosing one-day trips to their local cities or suburbs.In terms of hotel bookings, same-journey data showed that local hotels accounted for 46 percent of the Spring Festival holiday.”House hotel” has become a new choice for urban people to receive families who “reverse visit” and for urban residents to enjoy the festive atmosphere.Driven by the Winter Olympics, snow and ice tourism during the Spring Festival has increased significantly compared with previous years in terms of experience content, according to Lvmama.According to Qunar, the number of tickets sold to ski resorts on the platform doubled from last year’s Spring Festival holiday.Hornet’s Nest data showed that Beijing, the “city of both Olympics”, remained the most popular city during the Spring Festival holiday, with searches for “ice and snow” and “skiing” in Beijing increasing by more than 215 percent on average.Hot springs and theme parks are the most popular places to go after ice and snow.According to qunar data, hot springs and hot spring hotels are very popular in south China during the Spring Festival, especially in Guangdong.In addition, theme parks are still a good place for families to walk their children during Spring Festival.Beijing Global Resort, Shanghai Disneyland, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park, Guangzhou Chimelong Happy World and Beijing Happy Valley ranked the top five in terms of ticket issuance.

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