Chapter 1 Death and Life together death and life together

In the summer of 230, the Feng Fei dynasty was destroyed.A group of men with spears rushed into a towering tent.”The demon concubine is dead, those who resist will be killed!”The soldiers surrounded a gold-plated man, who was sitting on the ground, holding a woman in his arms. He did not respond to the soldiers’ cry, and did not even raise his head. He took the woman in his arms, shook her body and shook her.Why?””Only to die together?You’re stupid.””You wait for me, I will accompany you now, I will not let you go alone.”The soldiers who were watching him drew back slowly. He suddenly pulled out his sword at his waist, and the soldiers around him scattered in panic. However, King Xiang put the sword on his neck, looked around and said, “Death and death together, life and death together.””I, King Xiang, can’t even save my lover. Why not die?”Raised his head, trembling hands, a trace of blood dripping down the sharp sword.

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